Hauke Petersen, Martine Lenders, Matthias Wählisch, Oliver Hahm, Emmanuel Baccelli,
Old Wine in New Skins? Revisiting the Software Architecture for IP Network Stacks on Constrained IoT Devices,
In: Proc. of ACM MobiSys. IoT-Sys Workshop, pp. 31--35, New York: ACM, 2015.

Abstract: In this paper, we argue that existing concepts for the design and implementation of network stacks for constrained devices do not comply with the requirements of current and upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. The IoT requires not only a lightweight but also a modular network stack, based on standards. We discuss functional and non-functional requirements for the software architecture of the network stack on constrained IoT devices. Then, revisiting concepts from the early Internet as well as current implementations, we propose a future-proof alternative to existing IoT network stack architectures, and provide an initial evaluation of this proposal based on its implementation running on top of state-of-the-art IoT operating system and hardware.

Topics: Internet of Things | Mobile Ad Hoc Networking


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